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Question:I am needing to put weight on 4h goats. Our fair is about 25 days out. What is the fastest way I can do this?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I am needing to put weight on 4h goats. Our fair is about 25 days out. What is the fastest way I can do this?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I am needing to put weight on 4h goats. Our fair is about 25 days out. What is the fastest way I can do this?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Is there any specific exercises I could go to build up muscle on my goats shoulders because his shoulder blades are popping out and it doesn\'t look good! And any specific exercises for leg muscle?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Do you clip market does and market wethers the same?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How do u build back muscles on your goat
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How do u build back muscles on your goat
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:What are the best excersises for boer show goats?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Which feed do I use on show goats
Answer:honor show chow impulse is what we feed
Question:How much wheat germ oil would you drench with to increase weight gain?
Answer:Not sure- I use buttermilk mixed with dyne for added fat and weight gain. Usually start out with one ounce per day and increase based on their poop. If it gets loose- back up.
Question:What clippers and blades should I buy?
Answer:I use lister stablemate and cover coat blades. Try to shear the day before we show. Some like Andis clippers with a coarse blocking blade. It cuts a little closer. They do not make the stablemate anymore. Lister legend is the replacement. Go to the websites for more info. You can probably find them on Amazon as well.
Question:What is your thought on high octane power ful, champion drive, power fuel, fitter 35, depth charge and heavy weight.are these good additives?
Question:Is there something I can add to the goats feed or water to help keep them from getting kidney stones?
Answer:Yes- ammonium chloride. Most goat feeds contain this. You need 2% in the feed to be affective. You can add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water on a daily basis.
Question:How often should I keep my wether in the field? Or is it better to keep him in the stall?
Answer:If it is a show wether, I would keep him in a pen so I can control and monitor the feed.
Question:Best way to teach a goat to brace hard?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide.
Question:what is the best show goat feed on the market for feedinbg a showgoat in the industry today and months to come?
Answer:Honor show chow impulse
Answer:High quality feed and exercise
Question:How old do you want your show goats by the show day
Answer:It varies based on your goals. Most shows have set weights from 60-115 lbs. Most judges use heavier goats to win.
Question:I am a first time goat shower and I was wondering what would be the best feed for me to use?
Answer:Honor show chow impulse
Question:We have a goat that we are trying to switch off hay to Impulse feed and he is not eating, any ideas? We have tried just a sweet feed, putting molasses over the feed, nothing seems to work.
Answer:If he is getting all the hay he wants, he may not go to the feed. Hold the hay off for a couple of days and he should start eating. Leave off the molasses.
Question:What is the difference (pros and cons) between showing a doe against a market wether?
Answer:The does will mature earlier. Usually not as much muscle. When a doe gets older they start to mature into a breeding individual instead of a market goat. They usually work better in the lighter weight classes. Make sure you check the rules of your show to see if it is allowable to show does in the market class.
Question:How are able to walk your goats backwards on a tredmill?
Answer:Turn them in the opposite direction.
Question:Iv\'e goat a boer wether who\'s almost 3 months old and our show is in 3 months exactly. My main concern with him at this point is trying to build muscle. I currently feed High Noon feed and recently starting giving him about a tablespoon of Champion Drive along with his regular rations twice a day, and a couple handfuls of hay per day. I don\'t want him to become fat, just muscle, especially in his loin and legs. Any exercize or feed advice?
Answer:Higher protein promotes muscle. I would not exceed 20%. I do not know anything about High Noon feed. I recommend honor show chow impulse. The Champion drive is a protein additive. Go to the honor show chow website and look up feeding stratagies for goats for assistance.
Question:What is honor power fuel?
Answer:Go to and search under additives. It is a fat additive.
Question:What should I use to gain muscle all over my boer goat\'s body? And how much?
Answer:A good quality goat feed and exercise
Question:When using a treadmill on your goats do you walk them forward or backward? List the benefits of each if you do both.
Answer:we walk backwards. Builds lower leg muscle
Question:Is there any feed or supplement that will make a market wether wider over its top? Or is that all in genetics?
Question:When I walk my goat, she is completely fine but when someone walks behind her she goes completely nuts!! Any thoughts?
Answer:Walk her with someone behind her each day.
Question:If I feed purina honor show chow impulse, power ful, and alfalfa pellets/hay. Is that good for 3-4 month old boer goats? And do I change their feed as they get older?
Answer:Sounds good. see the honor show chow feeding strategies
Question:When I\'ve tried to halter break my boer doeling, it goes completely nuts!!! It goes through panels and jumps all in the air and gets her legs all wrapped up in the lead rope. What do I do??
Answer:Keep working. consistency and time pays off
Question:Boer goat has expanded gut on both sides. We have two goats & it is just the one with issues. Both are on a regular exercise work schedule, on show feed, given clean fresh water daily, & a handful of alfafa every couple of days.It seems to be more noticeable after goat has been run. Show date is in 20 days. We are desperately trying to get this problem corrected. Thank you for your time.
Answer:If the rumen is extended, the only way to bring it in is reduce the feed intake
Question:I am two weeks away from big show and I need to cut back on my goats they are currently getting 2 pounds of impulse daily, 8oz of fitter daily, 8oz of champion drive daily, 2oz of power fuel daily, 8oz of ultra full, 4oz of depth charge all of this obtain by a vet who specializes in show goats. My goats look real big and good muscle tone my ag teacher wants to completely cut them back from everything and keep him on show shake only twice dialy. My question is how safe is it to keep them on shake before show and no feed. can the goat get clogged up or dehydrated? Ive called my vet who has guided me all the way through but he is out of town till next month. Goat #1 is 89 pounds Goat #2 is 99 pounds
Answer:Show shake is a liquid diet. I would not use it by itself. You need to try a fitting a feeding period weeks before the show to see what will work.
Question:What is the ideal back fat on market goats in the US
Answer:about .15" at the 12th rib
Question:Whats the best feed (grain or pellets) for baby Boer goats?
Answer:Honor show chow impulse
Question:I had a wether that was getting 2nd and 3rd place at shows and he died, but before that all he would do was put his head on the wall and push up against it besides that he wouldn\'t move. I have been told he died from stress, muscle relaxer my ag teacher gave him, kidney stones, and eating shavings. Do you have any idea which is right?
Answer:No way to know without the Vet doing an autopsy. Don't fret over what has happened. Learn and move forward.
Question:I have a show doe goat an county and OYE is right around the corner! What can I do to get her fat?!
Answer:Add a fat additive to the feed. I use Honor Power fuel.
Question:I got a few weeks before our county show, and was wondering how to put some fat on my show goat in a short amount of time. Looking for an all over coverage, not just belly fat.
Answer:.Add a fat additive to the feed. I use Honor Power fuel
Question:What do you recommend to build muscle around the shoulder area?
Answer:Exercise and good nutrition
Question:I have a doe that when I haul her to shows she goes off food and shrinks. What can I do to keep her eating? What can I drench with to keep her looking good?
Answer:Sounds like she stresses when hauled. Usually the more you go, the better she will get at adapting. As far as a drench, I have used gold dust, Dyne and water, Final secret and buttermilk. Try it at home before you get to the show.
Question:We purchased a human treadmill and want to build a \"cage\" around it out of plywood and 2 X4\'s so that we can walk our goat backwards. Do you have any building plans or pictures available for us to get an idea how to proceed.
Answer:No- on your own on this one
Question:This is my first time to do FFA i have a 8 month old male goat i need help losing fat on his belly how would i do this before march 18th.
Answer:Cut the feed back and exercise.
Question:I need help gaining muscle on my boer wether by April 18th. Stupid me I waited till the last min. I need help ASAP.
Answer:Proper nutrition and exercise.
Question:I have a male goat that is about 9months old. He has recently developed thick dry flaky patches of skin on his stomach and around one horn.
Answer:Not sure without seeing it. I suggest you take him to the vet
Question:I\'m a beginner in 4-H and want show goats. What is the basic knowlegde I should know?
Answer:go to the home page and read the goat guide
Question:goat wont eat heavy weight supplement please help
Answer:try something else
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