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Question:I had the question about my goat losing the weight fast, my goat is going show at the PA farmsHOW JANUARY 9th. The cutoff weight is 120 and that\'s what my goat weighs today. What can I do?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:what can i do to make my show weather lose 10 -12 lbs.
Answer:The fastest way to take off weight is water. You can take the goat off of feed and water for 24 hours. After, you can limit water to 2% of their body weight- feed 1% of bodyweight. That means if they weigh 100 lbs x .02= 2 lbs per day of water. Spread it out over the day. 8 ounces each time. I do not know what the goat weighs, but 10 lbs is a lot to take off fast. The most I would pull over a short period of time is about 5% of their body weight.
Question:What kind of exercise do goats need to build muscle?
Answer:Any is good. I always tell people to think about building an athlete. Set up and exercise program with proper nutrition and get started. It does not happen over night. Takes weeks- months.
Question:When do you need to drench a goat and what do yo drench them with? I noticed several people drenching there goats at the show.
Answer:A drench is a liquid meal substitution. Instead of feeding the feed, they are trying to reduce the size of the rumen by taking them off of feed and using a liquid source of food. Some drenches are vitamins and electrolytes. Used to replenish these nutrients when you limit feed or cause stress. People that use drenches usually start the goats on a drench 3-4 days prior to the show and continue through the show. Make sure that if you are going to try and use a drench, design a feeding schedule weeks before the show and try it out on a weekend to make sure you get the results that you seek.
Question:My goat looks as if he hasn\'t filled into his skeleton like he needs more around the shoulders. When he walks you can see his shoulder blades a lot but he already weighs a lot. What feed or supplement should we use to help him fill out?
Answer:Higher protein and exercise. Remember- an animal only has the potential to develop muscle based on his genetics. I would increase the feed to 16-18% protein and develop an exercise program. I like Honor show chow top dress for a protein supplement. Visit the Honor show chow website for feeding strategies for goats needing more muscle.
Question:We showed 2 goats this past weekend. Both were about middle of their class. Judge said one was great in shoulder while it needed more in the back end, the other goat had good back end but needed more in the shoulder. Together they make a nice goat! We have access to both a track and a treadmill. How do we best exercise each goat to build on their respective issues. Thanks.
Answer:Trial and error. I like to get them a little fat prior to starting the exercise program. If not, they will burn off the fat needed for the smooth appearance in the ring. I would start one or the other methods- 3 days per week. Keep weighing once a week to make sure they are not losing weight and increase the feed- both fat content and protein. You are trying to create an athlete. Do the same thing that you would for yourself.
Question:My show goat needs to put on some pounds so I need a 12-14% protein and 5-6% fat feed from a respected feed company. Any ideas?
Answer:I like Honor show chow impulse.
Question:I have a goat that is a chronic bloater. Do you have a recommendation for a feed supplement I can give it?
Answer:I keep "therabloat" in the barn to treat when one bloats. As far as a daily treatment, I would check with your vet.
Question:what is the best feed for my Beor show buck ? 45 days before showing . I want him just as wide and big as I can get him. What\'s the best feed ? Or mixture of feed ?
Answer:I use Honor Show Chow Impluse
Question:which is one of the best show feeds?
Answer:I feed Honor Show Chow impulse.
Question:at the show this weekend I noticed people spraying the skin tightening product like CHILL on the goats mouth and nose area? I\'ve seen people use it to try to get the goat to keep his tail up but I cant imagine any reason someone would spray it on their face? Do you know what they were trying to achieve?
Answer:We spray our goat and lamb immediately after they get out of the show ring with a mixture of chlorhexidine and water to prevent ring worm and goat itch. Not sure what they were doing, but this might be the reason.
Question:I have a show wether that absolutely refuses to eat pellets. We\'ve tried honors impulse pellets and textured goat feeds. He just eats around the pellets and wastes about half of the food. Ant suggestions to make the pellets more palatable to him?
Answer:Not really. They are picky eaters. I would try feeding straight pelleted feed with the idea that when he gets hungry enough, he will start eating. May want to try another brand of feed as well.
Question:How would you treat sore mouth in the corners of a wether\'s mouth? The Ag advisor recommended bleach on the growths but I am concerned about the goat ingesting something toxic.
Answer:I usually use iodine. It is toxic as well, but a small amount applied to the infected area should not be toxic. Check with your vet.
Question:Yes it looks like it. He bloats only when we work him. About 10 minutes after he is fine
Answer:Might be caused by the stress or working. Might try feeding after the workout.
Question:One of my son\'s goats puffs up everytime we work with him. What can we do to get him to quit. We have dewormed and given CDT shots. He is fine in the pen, but when he is walking or on the stand he puffs. Any advice would be appreciated
Answer:Not sure what you mean. Does his rumen increase in size? Deworming or CDT would not be a factor here. I am not sure what is going on. I would seek advice from a vet.
Question:Just wanted to say thanks this is our first year and we have put up several questions that you have answered for us and we really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!
Answer:no problem- hope you reached your goals
Question:How do you teach a goat to brace? And when teaching to brace is it ok to lift there front feet off the ground that seems to be the only way to get any push out of our goat, but it seems like the better showmen are not doing that at least in the ring. Also how do you train them to keep their feet still we have put a lot of time in to my daughters goat but he still wants to move. She is young and this is her first goat so im not sure if the goat just knows he can get away with moving and doing what he wants?
Answer:I feel your pain, I have an 8 year old that I am working with. You have to train the child and the goat. We have been working 5-6 days a week with our goat for 3 months and still have issues with him. He wants to walk to fast, pull back, move around, etc. Very frustrating. We hang him from a bungee cord and a halter for 10 minutes, then walk with the chain. We stop about every 50 feet and drive him when we are headed back to the barn. We then go through a "show" procedure where we walk in a circle and set up on rear view and profile- about 5 rounds. Last, we put him on a trimming table and brush him. This takes about 35-45 minutes. We have to lift our goat to make him drive at times as well. We tried driving him off of the table, but he pushes her off. So all I can tell you is repetition. They also seem to show better when they get out of their environment at the show. The first show, our goat showed great, the second time, he wanted to pull back. Very frustrating. Just keep on working and hopefully, he will get it down.
Question:I want my goats to gain more weight. I feed them half of MoorMan\'s Show Tex and half of Ware Millian Goat Developer.Is there something else?
Answer:Just make sure they are getting all they want. We supplement a handful of alfalfa hay each feeding as well. I am not familiar with your feed. Make sure it is formulated for show goats and has all of the needed nutrients.
Question:What is the best way to run/exercise a show goat?
Answer:Any way that fits for you. Some have a track and dog, treadmill, walker, Does not matter- just need a program that will work for you
Question:We have a Boer goat that has decided to go off feed. He just nibbles a bit and then leaves it. We have tried everything - changing feed, B supplements, Dyne and we still can\'t get him to finish out because he just won\'t eat. Any suggestions?
Answer:sounds like you covered the basis. Just make sure you offer clean feed daily. I would have suggested everything that you mentioned. Might want to stay away from the genetics next year.
Question:Is it bad to give boar goats alfalfa daily ?
Answer:no- we give our goat alfalfa hay at each feeding- a handful
Question:Hello, my name is Tyler and im involved in my schools FFA program. A few days ago I gave my goat a shot that the people gave me. I did it in the loose skin on his neck as directed. Today, I noticed a long small lump near the region of the shot. Im not sure what it is or how to treat it. Im not sure if it is related to the injection. The goat has been eating and drinking normally. Thanks
Answer:I am not sure what meds you gave. Sounds like you tried to give a subcutaneous injection- under the skin. Sometimes you get into the layer of the skin instead of under the skin. If so, a knot will form. It may go away by itself or it may become a cyst. I would let water run on it and rub it daily. If it does not go away- take him to your vet.
Question:what is the judge referring to when he talks about how fresh a goat feels or doesn\'t have the freshness?
Answer:Freshness is fat cover. If he is fresh- he has a layer of fat under the skin.
Question:hi I have boer show goats and im needing a feeding program I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions?
Answer:GO to honor show chow website - goat feeding strategies
Question:what is bloom?
Answer:Most judges refer to bloom as fat. A goat that has bloom has some fat under the skin over the top and ribs.
Question:We recently had a goat get very ill with Thiamine deficiency. He is about 5.5 months old and was about 70 pounds. I an matter of a couple of days he lost about 10 pounds. We have till December before we will show again. We are wondering if there are any supplements we can give him to help him get back where he was. The last week we have been giving him as much feed and water as he wants as well as a handful of alfalfa each day. His current feed is Jacoby Red Tag. He has gained a little, but it is slow going.
Answer:You can purchase Thiamine (VIt B-1) from a vet and give weekly injections. I would ask the vet for advise on how much to give. I would also check your feed. A high quality show goat feed should be complete and have all of the nutrients required. Your feed my lack all of the vitamins needed.
Question:When we first got our goat we halter broke hima nd started to chain break him. Now we have t drag him out of his pen and he wont walk with a halter? Do we need to start back at step one to halter break or do you have any other suggestions?
Answer:Goats can be pretty darn hard headed. The one we have is the same way. We have to drag him out of the pen. We start each afternoon by Feeding first. Then we halter the goat and tie him to a bungee cord hanging from the roof in the center of his pen. He is required to stand still for about 10 minutes. From there, we walk him with a chain away from the barn and back, then we go through a routine similar to one that we would experience at a show- we only use the halter when we tie him to the bungee. We end the workout by putting him on the trimming table and apply skin conditioner and brush his hair. I have found that when we skip a day or two, he reverts backwards and forgets what he learned to some degree. With goats and the kids showing them it comes down to constant repetition.
Question:When is it time to feed the goat supplement
Answer:Not sure which goat supplement that you are referring to. I use Honor Show Chow supplements. Go to their website and look up goat feeding strategies.
Question:at the show this weekend I heard a lot of talk about giving the goats orange peels and orange juice two hours before they go in the ring to make them spread out over there top and increase the way they handle is there any science behind this or is it another miracle show fad?
Answer:Never heard this one, but way out there in terms of making any sense. Some of the things you hear in the barn are interesting. Our formula for success- great genetics, great feed, super management and perfect showmanship
Question:I purchased a Harbour goat this week end with sire as Game Changer. I noticed that as my goat walk his shoulder blades on his back stick out a lot, they are very defined. Everything I read says this is not good. Can you tell me if that is true, will I have a hard time with showing him because of it or is this fixable?
Answer:I would have to look at the goat to get an idea of what you are talking about. If you are concerned, take him back to the breeder and discuss the issue.
Question:I\'m thinking about showing goats next year, and my parents told me I\'ll have to pay for everything myself. On average how much does a doe cost per month
Answer:It varies throughout the US. Check with your local Ag extension agent.
Question:Is it better to show a goat with, or without a chain or lead rope?
Answer:In Texas, they show with chains.
Question:How many times a day should i feed my goat. Also what should i expect with my goat if i am totally new to raising animals for shows.
Answer:I would feed a minimum of 2 times per day. Expectations depend on your goals.
Question:My goat is very stubborn and he does not want to walk with the halter on he just wants to rome free what can i do to make him learn to walk with a halter
Answer:Work with him 7 days a week. Walk away from the barn and back. Persistence.
Question:for some reason our goats loin seems to be washed out on the top around the spine like it just dropped out. They feel fine on the side of the loin like there finished but the top is not right. The rest of there top and muscling over the shoulder looks good. I would suspect dehydration but there on free choice water and we have been adding electrolyte. two weeks away from fair and don\'t know what to do?
Answer:Difficult for me to answer without seeing the goat. Just maintain and high quality goat feed, free water and add a fat additive.
Question:during my show I placed 3rd and 6th with my weathers. the judge said my 3rd place goat needed more working out and he needed to be more muscular any 6th place goat was to thin in loin any more suggestions
Answer:Yes- He said needs more muscle. Increase exercise.
Question:what is the best feed for show goats?
Answer:I like honor show chow impulse
Question:during my last show the judge told my daughter that her that she needed to work on her goats loin. since we are new to the 4H goat project and asked another shower for advice. he told me that a lot of showers were not giving there goats water at night before a show and was drenching them with gatorade before show time to make there muscles increase. he said drench them 3 or 4 showes and they will start drinking it out of a bucket. is this leagle and a common practice amongst showers? would like advice on how to increase loin size. thanks
Answer:I always like to compare a show goat to an athlete. If you need increased muscle, proper diet and exercise give results. If an animal is dehydrated, the muscle can shrink due to loss of water in the cells. Athletes stay hydrated. As far as using Gatorade- it is not labeled for goats, so probably should not use it. You can purchase animal electrolytes to mix with water that are formulated for goats. Same idea. The only way that the goat becomes dehydrated is if you limit the water. Usually not a good idea.
Question:What is the drench rate and amount on crusade prior to showtime
Answer:I have not used the product. Need to ask the company that makes it.
Question:Hi. We just completed our county fair where one of our goat placed 4th. He was the heaviest in the barn (105) and is a stocky, muscled wether. We won a jackpot with him, but the judge at the fair liked them little. He said our goat was \"over finished\" We can still show him in our state fair in 6 weeks. We feed 2 lbs impulse text, 6 oz fitter, 2 oz champion, and a handful of hay. We alternate between sprints and pulling a 40lb sled up a 100 yd hill 5 times every other day. Should we switch things up to try and get him leaner? Or hope the next judge likes em big? Genetically he is a large boned/structured goat and figured we should play to it. Thanks.
Answer:First off- do not assume all judges like the same thing. The next judge may think he is too thin. Try to find out what the judge is looking for. Most people that compete know how to fit each judge. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. High protein diet and exercise is how you build an athlete.
Question:About how much should you feed a wether goat a day
Answer:3-4% of body weight
Question:I\'ve exercised my goat every night and his belly is still big. I\'ve quit giving him so much hay. Any suggestions
Answer:Once you let the rumen expand, it is hard to bring it back. Think how long it would take you to get rid of a big belly if you had one. Less food intake and a lot of exercise.
Question:I have a beautiful buckling that has the potential to be a great wether, however I was told that since his head is mostly black he will not be allowed in the show. Is this true? I have seen plenty of painted wethers. Albeit, I don\'t recall a black paint.
Answer:In the wether show, color should not be a problem. Most judges like the traditional red/white, but I have used off color goats if they are the best one in the show.
Question:What would u suggest I do to harden up my show weathers top?
Question:I have a month til i got to show my goats and I need a fast way to gain muscle on my goats, what would be the fastest way to gain muscle?
Answer:No fast way. Compare to yourself. Hit the gym (exercise), controlled diet high in protein.
Question:I am having trouble keeping my goat braced. When I purchased him from my breeder he was already trained to brace. I work with him everyday and he\'s slowly not driving anymore. I\'ve talked with my breeder and they said I am asking him right. Do you have any tips on bracing or having him drive harder? Thanks
Answer:Sounds like you are doing something that is causing the goat to reverse. Could be how you handle the head, brace with your knees. Cant tell w/o watching you. Goats are dumb. They have to be trained with repetition. We walk our goats away from the barn every day and on the way back we stop and brace/ drive them. Some days they work better than others. We also have a raised platform that we put them on and brace- this way if they back up- they fall off. This trains them to understand that if you push into them, they should push back. So- analyze what you are doing with your hands on the head, legs into the chest. Are you causing an issue that "tells" them to pull back?
Question:What does a good goat look like?
Answer:See the goat guide on the home page
Question:What type of hay should I feed my meat goats grass hay? Indeed help big time
Answer:WE feed alfalfa, just a handful per day. We feed a complete show goat feed. Complete means it has everything in it that they need.
Question:My goat keeps choking on a normal metal chain collar even when I don\'t pull hard at all. I was wondering if a plastic wide linked collar would work better. Or if you know of any other solutions to my issue that would be great too.
Answer:We use the plastic chain to train. Try different types. If the goat pulls his head down or tries to go to fast, they usually choke. Try to slow them down and get the head up. Try to allow enough slack in the chain so it rides on the jaw bone and not the throat.
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