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Question:Why would you say that honors show chow is the best goat feed? My question is, so far in 2014, how many champions are there that were fed honors show chow. I understand it\'s everyone\'s belief what feed is better than the next. I can honestly say jacobys feed is much better than honors. I can also say as of 2014, jacoby has supplied feed to 170 champions so far this year. My opinion is jacoby feed is the best on the market. To many major winners use jacoby not to agree!
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:What do judges look for in breeding boer goat does? Ive heard feminine a lot my does are too muscular. how do i fix it? what does it look like? will the become more feminine after kidding?
Answer:Priorities change when judging market versus breeding. The primary factors in breeding are structure and volume. Femininity means female characteristics. More refined head and neck. If you goats are too muscular, they may be more masculine to the judge. Kidding is not going to change their physical appearance to a high degree, but will change it some.
Question:After 13 years of showing goats, I have run out of children at home to show them. I wanted to thank you for your advise you have given me through the years. I often check this site for the good advise you give to people. After 13 years of showing goats, I never really figured out everything except it takes good genetics, good feed, an exercise program, lots of hands on time with the goats and a little luck!
Answer:You learned everything their is to know. You know the "secret formula" for success. Sorry to hear that your children have finished. I am sure there are a lot of new comers that could use some help. Good luck.
Question:My goat loos good through his shoulders but it\'s two days before we show him and his sides sunk in. What could we give him to possibly fill him out a little?
Answer:a little alfalfa hay may help fill up his rumen.
Question:I have goats that have sour mouth. Do the bumps remain even after the virus is gone?
Answer:I am not sure. Treat with iodine and isolate them from the rest of the herd.
Question:Do you have any good techniques to get the goat to drive? We are able to get them to stand fairly well but we haven\'t figured out how to make the drive to really express their muscle.
Answer:THis question has been answered a few times. Scroll down the list until you find the answer.
Question:My goat has a huge chance at taking county. There is two things however that needs help for muscle in him. He is very muscled everywhere but the shoulder and the top of the rump. He is very wide through his whole body, great top, long loin, fresh. What exercise works the best to build shoulder and rump? I know the shoulder is not a big deal but when it comes down to the final I would like to have bigger muscled then some of the big competition at fair. Thanks the fair is in 4wks.
Answer:Any exercise is good. You cant really isolate muscle groups with goats like you can with humans because they do not have functional arms/ legs like we do. I would just run them in short, hard sprints. 3-4 times per week.
Question:What shows in Texas are non terminal
Answer:Most County Shows are non terminal. All of the Major shows are terminal.
Question:Our goat show is in 4 days what can we do to help keep her finish looking good?
Answer:Just keep feeding- water. Proper nutrition.
Question:When is the right time to neuter a baby goat for shows?
Answer:The earlier the better. I would band the wethers at 2 weeks.
Question:Do you like glu coat or sho flow by oxygen better to help get more cover on goats top?
Answer:I have not used either one. The one with the highest fat content would be the one I would try if I wanted to add fat.
Question:My whether is very nice always at least 3rd in his class but he needs a bigger rump. any exercise to help?
Answer:Any is good. Hard, fast sprints.
Question:I did a lamb last year and this year im doing a goat, and was wondering if bracing and workouts the same? And what is the best feed and supplement for a goat?
Answer:Bracing is the same. You will use a chain to lead. Honor show chow impulse and go to their website and see "feeding strategies"
Question:For a Grand Champion goat about how much weight to muscle proportion is needed?
Answer:Depends on the judge. Go to the home page and read the Goat Guide to see the factors used in judging goats. I like them to be between 75-120lbs. Correct structure, a lot of muscle, correctly finished, attractive profile, etc.
Question:I have a 8 month old market goat that has alot of extra skin. This gives the weather a rinkled old look. What can i do to get the rinkles out, and also what is a good shoulder workout?
Answer:As far as the skin, not much you can do. Leaving a blanket on him and keeping his hide moisturized will help. I would probably use show sheen. I had a lamb year ago that had a bad hide. I rubbed him down every day with corn huskers lotion to moisturize the skin. Did not help very much. It is hereditary. I would not go back to the genetics for another show goat. Short, fast wind sprints are the best exercise. You need to be more concerned about building his top and legs than his shoulders.
Question:What workout should I put my goat on to make him get a bigger rack?
Answer:Short, fast wind sprints. Any exercise is good. 3-4 days a week and then let him recover.
Question:Hello, I have to wethers that have decided not eat their feed. It is less than 50 days till the big show. How do i get them to eat? we have tried B-12 and alfalfa to stimulate the rumen we have also gave them mineral and baking soda and they still refuse to eat unless it is High Octane Champion Drive. Any ideas on how to get them to eat and put on weight?
Answer:Go back to simple decisions. Try another brand of goat feed and stop the additives.
Question:Hi I am showing a weather goat for market and i would like to know how to build great muscle tone and volume?
Answer:Proper feed management and exercise. Go to the home page and read the goat guide.
Question:If the ideal age at show you are shooting for is 8-10 months old. How do you keep goat from getting too heavy? Do you bring them along slowly or get them up to the weight you want and then try to hold them there with feed and excercise? We have had goats at 5 months weighing 100+ and that was too heavy.
Answer:WOw- the genetics is awesome for growth. I do not particularly show them at 8-10 months. Each goat is going to be different based on genetics. The breeder can give insight on how big a goat will get based on breeding. I do not like to hold at any time. I try to purchase a goat that will meet out goals. Ex- 95 lbs in mid Jan for our show. I would share that info with breeder to make a logical selection. If they are made right- thick, structurally correct and internal dimension, they usually will gain about 1/3 lb per day- 10 lbs per month. This will change as they get larger and they may gain more. So I weigh each goat every 7 days (same conditions) and record and keep up with their growth. If they are gaining to fast, I slow them down.
Question:Best way to build shoulder muscle? I have my weather pulling a 15-20lb block of wood running for 5-10min then taking the harness and block away and intensivley running for around 5 min. I love this technique builds great muscle everywhere but the shoulder any ideas?
Answer:You typically only worry about the top and leg muscle. The shoulder is secondary and I would not want to build up the shoulder to the point that the judge considers the goat "coarse" shouldered.
Question: First year showing goats. We have an 80lb boer goat. Great muscle structure and my daughter exercises him daily. But he has a big belly that hangs low. I have cut his feed back to 3%, do you recommend hay too?
Answer:Yes- the rumen is large. Once the belly has expanded in size, it is hard to pull it back. Same as a human that puts on a big belly. Does not go away over night. Goats rumen is a lot larger than a single stomach. What I normally do with one like this is perform a trial pull 5-6 weeks ahead of the show to see how long it takes to get him looking right and see how it affects his muscle. I would start on a Friday- weigh the goat- pull feed and water for 24 hours and weigh again along with visually analyze his fill. After a 24 hour pull, if he looks good, you know what to do prior to the show. If he still has too much belly, start feeding again, but limit to 1% of his bodyweight in feed and 2% in water. Continue this daily until you get the look and condition that you seek. Make a note of how many days it takes and proceed with the "pull" prior to your show. I have had to pull goats with a big belly as many as 7 days on this procedure to get the show look I was looking for. Many things come in to play. He needs to have some fat to burn.
Question:Will a 4 teated doe be at a disadvantage in a show compared to a 2 teated doe for boer goats?
Answer:Diffently. Go to American Boer Goat Association- teat chart. Shows what is acceptable, questionable and disqualification.
Question:Any tricks for getting a goat to stand still when she drives? We have tied her, we have also tried driving her on a fitting stand. When on the stand she doesn\'t move to the side, but once we are on the ground she slowly moves sideways.
Answer:I would hang a bungee cord from the ceiling in the barn in an open area. Tie a halter to the end of the cord with her neck up and head level (just like you would show). Let her stand there every day for 10-15 minutes. From the bungee cord, put her on the table and brush her for another 10 min. Continue every day until show
Question:For exercising on a treadmill which would be better? Starting off walking then go into a sprint and finish walking? Just walking? or Just sprinting? The goat doesnt get enough exercise usually and is in really good shape/athleticsism
Answer:I have not used a treadmill, so do not really know. Seems to me, faster is better. You want the goat to be athletic like a sprinter.
Question:its close to show time do i bump up my feed for my goat to make him look fatter or not?
Answer:Cannot answer without seeing goat. Find someone that has knowledge and ask them to look at the goat and give their opinion.
Question:What exercise do you recommend to pop or bloom a boer goats rump?
Answer:Any- running works the best. Short and fast.
Question:How do you feel for proper finish?
Answer:The finish is measured 3/4 length of the loineye at the 12th rib. So you can feel for the finish between the 12-13th ribs right where the top turns down. Most judges like to have around 1/8 " of fat at the 12th rib.
Question:Would jumping and running goats be a good excersise?
Question:Best exercises for top of rump and leg? He is being ran around a pasture everyday then worked with. Also what should i use to drop the stomach?
Answer:Any exercise is good. Go to the home page and read the goat guide. If you need more fill in his rumen, you can feed more hay.
Question:This is our first year showing, we\'re learning as We go. Our goat was weighing in at 97 lbs, our show is 3 weeks away and our goat seems to be losing weight. We haven\'t changed anything, what would you recommend?
Answer:To determine consistent weight, weigh the goat every 7 days, same time of day, same conditions (fed or not fed). Write down weights and track the gain. Full feed is around 3.5-4.5% of his body weight. If you want him to gain, he needs at least 2.5% of his bodyweight in feed per day. All the water he wants.
Question:This is my first year to use high octane supplements. Our show is a little over 20 days away. Last year I used an egg drench for the final ten days and was very happy with the results. Would you recommend/or would it be okay to keep using the supplements along with the egg drench? Or what would you recommend?
Answer:Common sense. You had success with previous game plan. Why change? Just a word of caution. Each goat reacts differently to supplements. If you are going to use an egg drench, try it at home several weeks prior to show to make sure you get the results you seek and no adverse reactions. Good luck.
Question:how to build muscle on a boer show goat
Answer:Exercise, proper nutrition.
Question:What exercise do you recommend to tighten the leg muscle of a goat. Any supplement other than barley.
Answer:Walking, running. Protein builds muscle. Barley is usually added to add fat.
Question:We have a show goat that weighs 2 pounds over the maximum show weight of 115 and we have 25 days until show. We have reduced feed and water and the goat is being exercised. Any specific suggestions or what else might you recommend? Thank you!
Answer:Hard to answer without seeing the goat. Typically, you can pull 5% easy by just taking off feed and water for 24 hours prior to weigh in, but every goat is different. Your feeding plan sounds OK. I would feed 1.75% bodyweight per day in feed and I would not limit water. I would experiment on weight pull for a couple of days to develop a plan. Ex- weigh the goat- record weight. Take off of feed and water for 24 hours. Re-weigh and record and set him up and look at him. Does he look show right, still have a belly or pulled too much. From here if he looks right, figure a 24 hour pull with the recorded weight and make adjustments if needed for weight. IF he is still a little full, feed 1% feed/ 2% water for 24 hours and re-evaluate. If pulled too much, evaluate and come up with a plan where you pull less than 24 hours. EVERY goat is different. I have some that cannot take a 24 hour pull and some need a 6 day pull. Up to you to figure out what works ahead of time. Last note- the weight loss comes primarily from water weight. Water is what fills the muscle cells. After weigh in- start the goat back on 1/4 lb of feed and 12 oz of water/electrolytes. Do this every 2 hours until you have fed 3 times then evaluate.
Question:Our first year showing, and we\'re having trouble bracing. We\'ve done the backing our goat back into a fence and we\'ve done the bracing while walking back into the barn area...they won\'t brace for long, what else would you recommend?
Answer:My guess is that the exhibitor is pulling on the head instead of bracing with legs. 1st step- make sure you are bracing correctly. Then- I would take them away from the barn- 3-400 feet. Start back and stop and brace every 20 feet. Also works to tie the goat to a bungee cord hanging from the ceiling- head level- neck up. let him stand there daily for 10 minutes followed by standing on a trimming stand with head in head piece for another 10-15 min. Brush hair while on stand. Also rec you go to home page and read the goat guide.
Question:What is the best feed for my show boar goats
Answer:Show Chow impulse
Question:How do you teach boer wethers how to brace? Is it the same in lambs? What are your methods?
Answer:Same as lambs. Use legs to brace into chest. Soft hands on the head. Most will naturally brace.
Question:What do you recommend when it comes to exercise during very cold temps, like say it does not get above 35 for the day. I know that the animals are going to use more stored energy and burn fat to stay warm. Are you doing more harm to the muscle fibers and they most likely will not increase muscle mass during cold weather
Answer:I would let them warm up first by walking prior to hard exercise. Might want to increase feed intake or add a little extra fat to the feed for extra energy.
Question:I usually do the hand behind my back approach when showing and do well but I was told that method was out dated so how would you recommend showing
Answer:I do not see that very much anymore. Common sense says to use all resources to present the goat to the best of your ability. The hand behind the back was used to show easy control with one hand. As a judge, I really do not care where the free hand is located as long as you can walk, set up, brace and present the goat to perfection.
Question:sorry, fitter 35, would any more supplements help
Answer:Fitter 35 is a protein additive. If you are a little fat or early maturing, it will help. Follow the label recs and go to and look at their feeding strategies for goats.
Question:My goat weighs about 88lbs. he is exercise about 10 min, on inclined tread mill, 3 times a week then run with ATV. I feed him 2lbs of honor show chow and 4 oz of fitters edge. He tends to blow up in his belly and spring out his ribs when given to much due to the depth charge I fed. my mistake. He seems to have reach a plateau with leg muscle development. Is there anything I can do to increase it, I have about 45 days months til show.
Answer:Sounds like you are on track nutritionally and have adequate exercise. You must have made an error in explaining feed- fitters edge is a steer feed. Only way to increase leg muscle is try different exercises if he has reached a plateau with treadmill. Try putting a dog body strap and attach a five pound weight and make him pull weights. Or, just try a diff type of leg exercise.
Question:What might be some questions the judge will ask in showmanship or market for intermediate or senior showman?
Answer:Go to the home page and look on the goat guide under showmanship- they are listed.
Question:I have a heavy goat I am having to hold to make weight at our show. Can you give me an idea on how long you would normally excercise a goat, under normal conditions, so I can gauge if I am excercing him long enough to hold his weight? We are excercising him with an ATV, walking and jogging, and then turning him lose to sprint the last 75 yards to the pen 3-4 times per week. I am looking for a guideline for minutes per day and days per week. Thanks!
Answer:That will be based on the goat. Watch his reactions to the exercise. If he stops or has his tongue hanging out and breathing too hard, stop. If not, push a little harder. No set minutes per day. Exercise should be hard and fast like a sprinter, not a long distance runner. You can limit his feed and water as well.
Question:best feed for a show goat?
Answer:Honor Impulse
Question:Are supplements a good way to go when feeding meat show goats
Answer:Yes- protein additives for more muscle and fat additive for added fat.
Question:What percent of body weight do you feed show goats & lambs. I have heard 2 & 3%.
Answer:Full feed can be more- up to 4-5% in some. 2% is maintenance. Most people assume 3-4%
Question:My sisters goat has 3 very small bumps on his back they are hard to see but, when you feel his back they are definitly there. Bug bites? He doesnt seem affected in any way by them but we have a show in 5 days and the judge will be feeling there. Any suggestions will help. Thanks.
Answer:Could be bites or could be goat itch. If it is goat itch, they will fester. You can open and wash with iodine shampoo. I would check with a vet for a correct diagnosis.
Question:I feed my boer goat 3% of his body weight in High Noon also we give him Hi-Glo we also add water. He has a dip from his back to his shoulders it is a big dip. You can\'t notice it in the set up or brace but, on the walk you can. Any suggestions?
Answer:Not really. Sounds like a genetic trait- just the way he is made- weak top. Might try walking faster versus slower to see which makes him look the strongest and I would try to show him with less fill to pull his belly tight. The extra belly makes the top drop more.
Question:i have a 50 lbs boer goat weather and he will not brace. I have tried backing him up constantly, backing him into fences and shocking him with a small shocker he still will not brace. Any suggestions?
Answer:I would tie him (halter) to a bungee cord in the center of an open area (under a barn). His head should be level and his neck at 90 degrees to his back. Let him stand their daily for about 10 minutes. Continue daily until he learns to stand still. Also put him on a blocking table ( head positioned the same) and brush him with a soft brush for about 10 minutes. Then lead him away from the barn- 3-400 feet. As you walk him back to the barn, stop every 20 feet and drive him. Continue daily until he drives. NOTE: if you are not driving correctly and are pulling or picking up on his head-it is your fault that he will not drive. To properly drive, you push with your legs into his chest and have soft hands on his head. See Goat Guide on home page for more details.
Question:How long before the show do lessen the feed and how much feed should I feed my goat so he won\'t bloat?
Answer:Cant answer this without seeing the goat. You can try a weekend trial 5-6 weeks before the show by limiting his feed and water for 2-3 days to see how quick he gets the look you want. When pulling I feed 2% of their bodyweight in water and 1% in feed.
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