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Question:Hi, I am new to boer goats and I have a really big wether. He is really nice to look at but I need to get him to finish faster for our 4H showmanship and quality competitions. Do you know what I could or should do? Thanks
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I walk and run my goats on both flat and inclined surfaces as well as put them on an inclined stand, but are there any other exercises to help them gain overall muscling?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My one wether does not eat much hay. Should I start him on hay pellets? If so, which kind/brand should I get? Also are horse hay pellets safe for goats?
Answer:Not sure why you want him to eat more hay. I usually prefer they eat the high quality goat feed. The hay is a good filler if you need extra rib, but after they develop the right rib design, I like to limit the hay. If you feed label says it is a complete feed, it has enough roughage without supplementing hay. If it is not a complete feed, it will tell you to feed extra hay.
Question:I have a doe that I want to show in the future who is bout 5 months old and I had her dehorned and she has scurs on her left side should I take her to the vet and get them removed or leave them? Would the judge take points off for it?
Answer:If you are trying to win, I would take them off.
Question:how to get rid of a hay belly on a goat.
Answer:Limit feed and exercise.
Question:What do I do about a show goat that keeps blowting
Answer:Check with your local vet.
Question:How do I increase the size of my wethers rack?
Answer:Proper nutrition and exercise. REad the goat guide on the home page
Question:What products do you use on your goats to fit them? (Such as shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc.)
Answer:We put the goats on a trimming table and blow out the hair to get the dirt out daily. Then we spray show sheen and brush it into the hair, skin. We do not wash very often, but use a livestock shampoo or mane and tail.
Question:How do I get my show goats hair thicker, and add more shine?
Answer:see answer above
Question:My one market wether is nice and thick on his front end, but towards his back end near his hips he\'s thin. It\'s like an indent on each side on his hips. How do I get him to gain weight in the back?
Answer:Exercise program and proper nutrition. Go to the home page and read the goat guide
Question:How old should the goats be till I start working them for show?
Answer:as soon as you get them home
Question:How should I train my goats hair to go one-way, is there any products I can use or what?
Answer:We put our goats on a trimming table daily. Blow the dirt out of the hair with a blower. Apply show sheen and brush the hair on the body and legs. Keeps the hair and skin conditioned and gets the goats used to being handled on a table.
Question:What is the best calming product to use before a show for skiddish goats?
Answer:If you spend enough time training the goats, they should not be skiddish. I do know of anything that would help. IF I had an overactive goat, I would walk him for 30 minutes or so before a show to tire him out a little.
Question:Should you feed more fat or protein to your show goats?
Answer:If they need more fat- a fat additive. If they are too fat- a protein additive.
Question:What is the best thing to feed to put finish on a show wether?
Answer:I like honor show chow impulse
Question:what is the difference between the honor show chow impulse DX and honor show chow impulse? and which one would u recommend to use for show weathers?
Answer:Different meds for coccidiosis. Go to Honor show chow goat feeds to see the difference. Either works fine.
Question:What are the best feeds to feed show goats
Answer:I like Honor Show Chow Impulse
Question:What oils or sprays should I use on my show goats to make they\'re hair shine???
Answer:I use Show Sheen. Make sure you check the rules of the show. Some do not allow any type of spray on the goats.
Question:What do you guys feed your just weened babies to get them show ready?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:when fitting a boher goat what is the difference when clipping a weather and a doe
Answer:Most wethers are sheared slick from the knees up. Does are fitted like show steers.
Question:How do I make my wether\'s back muscular? It\'s mainly in the loins and rump but I would love it if he was strong on the whole back. Thanks!!
Answer:exercise and proper nutrition
Question:We have two boer goats about a month apart in age, but the younger one is about as heavy as the older one. The younger goat is still nursing on mom. The older goat has a different mom. When the younger goat is taken off of mom will he lose his top?
Answer:They usually go backwards a little. Make sure they are eating feed prior to weaning.
Question:my goats all have bloat like bellies but I have given them baking soda but hey refuse it is this bloat or are they just fat?
Answer:The belly is the Rumen. When they eat large quantities of feed, it expands. Over a period of time, the rumen can extend down and out. Not good for show goats. Try to limit the feed and exercise to get them in shape.
Question:We bought a new weather last weekend and noticed yesterday that around the anus(the part where there is no hair) there are a few whitehead or pemple looking things bout the size of a pen head to the size of a eraser? Any idea what they are or what to do for them?
Answer:Probably ant bites. If it seems to be a problem, as the local vet.
Question:Why do goats through there heads back? I see this all the time why do they do it?
Answer:They are just dumb animals.
Question:What is the best kind of feed to feed a breeder doe?
Answer:I like noble goat.
Question:One of our show goats, is chewing on metal and losing weight fast. He acts like he is hungry and only eats very little. What would cause this?
Answer:not sure- need to take him to your vet.
Question:Whats the best boer feed and exercise for goat to get ready for fair market.
Answer:I use honor show chow impulse. Go to the home page and read the goat guide for exercise ideas.
Question:I have a market goat for my county fair in august and he needs more rib shape how can I improve that?
Answer:Feed more roughage.
Question:How much should I be feeding my goat she is about 9 months old and I have her on a 16% from umbarger right now she is get 1lbs and 4oz of feed morning and night
Answer:If you want to feed her full feed, increase the feed per feeding until she starts to leave a little feed. Back it up until she cleans it all up. No reason to limit feed on a doe.
Question:What time period would you recommend to regulate the water intake for market goats before the show? and how much a day?
Answer:Each goat is different. Some have to be fitted for 24 hours, others for several days. I usually develop a game plan and try it a couple of months out from the show to see if it is going to work. I normally start out by weighing, recording. I will cut feed and water for 12-18 hours, weigh and record and visually evaluate. If they need more pull, I start them on 1% feed and 2% water (of body weight) per day until I get the look and condition that I think will work the best for show.
Question:at what stage in a goats pregnancy do start to to see a baby bump?
Answer:It varies on each doe.
Question:What is the milky product many people use to drench their goats the day of show? It has a thick, milk-like quality to it.
Answer:I do not know. There are a lot of drenches out their. The only white one that I know of is show shake. Make sure you try it at home weeks before the show to make sure it works the way you want it to and there are no adverse affects.
Question:what should the sale price be for a 95 lbs boer goat?
Answer:Depends on a lot of factors. If it is just a commercial goat, you can look up the weekly USDA market report on the web and find a price.
Question:If a track or dog is not available, what is an alternative for exercising a wether?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide.
Question:How do you select a goat?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide
Question:does it help to put goats on a walker or is it best to walk and run them yourself?
Answer:Either works OK. Always good to walk them by hand.
Question:What brand / model clippers would you recommend for market whethers?
Answer:I have a set of Lister clippers. They work great. Some use andis as well.
Answer:I would suggest the goat to be between 8-12 months old. You have to check with the breeder to see how fast his goats grow and mature. The show will have a minimum and maximum show weight. You need to get a copy of the rules and read them. Some like to show light goats and some like heavy goats. I usually think that I need my goat to weigh between 85-100 to try to win the show. A lot of the size depends on your personal goals.
Question:how can you tell how your goat will turn out for show?
Answer:If you do not know, find someone that does and ask for help.
Question:what feed would you suggest feeding a goat that was born at 7.3 lbs and how close to show should I start feeding?
Answer:I start creep feeding young goats at about 2 weeks of age. I use honor show chow impulse
Question:What can I do/feed my wethers to give them more top and rib?
Answer:A premium show goat feed. I use Honor Impulse. For more rib, increase the hay.
Question:What is the best way to put muscle on a market show goat?
Answer:Premium show feed with 16-18% protein and exercise.
Question:When raising kids not for market but for showing in General when getting them and starting them on feed what is the best feed to start them on?
Answer:Any goat creep feed will work. I like Honor show chow impulse and add a little milk fat to get them bloomy and looking good.
Question:is it ok to feed the honor show chow for lambs to goats? I also put out free choice loose goat mineral for them.
Answer:Yes- the lamb feed lacks copper. The added mineral should cover it.
Question:We have 2. Goats that Will be shown on 4-13-15. The bigger goat weighs 98Lbs the smaller goat weighs 78 . When should I start pulling water from them and how water should they get a day
Answer:it varies based on many factors. I would say a minimum of 60 ounces per day.
Question:I got my sons goat but one is pretty small I am feeding them Purina honor show goat feed impulse what else can I do to put more weight on them
Answer:You can add Impulse to gain a little extra fat. Goats are finicky eaters. I usually add a little alfalfa hay to their daily diet as well. Clean fresh water and clean pens.
Question:when doing AI with goats with one straw of semen can you breed multiple does like cattle and also how long does a straw of semen last
Answer:Cant answer this one. Check with your AI service.
Question:When feeding purina honor show chow goat feed is it just for market wethers or can it be fed as a main diet for show goats at home?
Answer:You can use it for any goats. Purina does make their feeds to match the purpose of the goat and prices vary. If I was feeding pasture does, I would feed Noble goat feed. Take a look on the Purina web site at the different options and develop a feeding plan that fits your herd.
Question:When is the best age to breed a doe?
Answer:It varies. You can breed as early as 10 months, but it depends on how the doe has matured and what your goals are.
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