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Question:when doing AI with goats with one straw of semen can you breed multiple does like cattle and also how long does a straw of semen last
Answer:Cant answer this one. Check with your AI service.
Question:When feeding purina honor show chow goat feed is it just for market wethers or can it be fed as a main diet for show goats at home?
Answer:You can use it for any goats. Purina does make their feeds to match the purpose of the goat and prices vary. If I was feeding pasture does, I would feed Noble goat feed. Take a look on the Purina web site at the different options and develop a feeding plan that fits your herd.
Question:When is the best age to breed a doe?
Answer:It varies. You can breed as early as 10 months, but it depends on how the doe has matured and what your goals are.
Question:Is there a difference between clipping a market doe and a wether?
Answer:Yes- scroll down. This has been answered below.
Question:What\'s your biggest tip for people in the show ring!
Answer:I recommend that you go to the home page and read the goat guide. It will answer all of your questions.
Question:What does it mean when a judge says we need more rib shape, or I guess what do I need to look for when buying. Thanks
Answer:Rib shape is the curvature of the rib cage as it comes out of the shoulder and carries back towards the loin. When buying, watch the goat walk towards you. The ones with the most width through the front legs will have the most rib.
Question:I do not have a treadmill or exercise equipment for my market goats. Would running/walking them up and down a hill every day work to build muscle? What would you recommend for someone who doesn\'t have the exercise equipment?
Answer:Whatever you can make work. We do not use a treadmill either. We have a chariot that we pull behind the lawnmower and can walk four at one time. We have luck by taking them away from the barn and letting them run back.
Question:Are there any differences between showing a market wether and a market doe?
Answer:Not that I know of. Most judges prefer wethers in the market show over does.
Question:How do I reduce or shrink my goats stomach he looks like he is fat but he is not.
Answer:Fat and a big stomach are two different issues. Use common sense. If you have a big belly, what can you do to reduce the effect. Exercise and proper diet. Fat is the amount of finish that a goat carries under the skin on his carcass.
Question:I have a 88% doe and I want to breed her to a full blood buck what would the percentage be on her kids?
Answer:100 plus 88= 188 divided by 2= 94%
Question:When registering with the USBGA it says on it he application \"A Herd Tattoo\" does this mean I have to tattoo my goats?
Question:Is show master power phat the right product to feed my show goat to build muscle?
Answer:Power fat is a fat additive. It will add fat to the goat, not muscle. Muscle is built with exercise and higher protein. Go to the honor show chow website and look at feeding strategies for goats.
Question:I feed Show Bloom as a supplement and conditioner. At what age would you recommend to start feeding it? The goats will be about 4 1/2 months at show time.
Answer:As soon as they start eating feed.
Question:What is the length that you clip a breeder doe?
Answer:You need to find someone local that knows how to do it and ask for help. It is very complicated and I cannot explain on line.
Question:My sister\'s goat is about 20lbs. Overweight and the fair is next week. What can she do to lower the weight of her show goat without hurting the animal?
Answer:Not really anything. The only way to pull off the weight is water. This takes the water out of the cells and shrinks the muscle.
Question:What is driving?
Answer:The same as bracing. Training the goat to push into your legs so the muscles are more visible.
Question:what is the best cover coat blade for clipping show goats
Answer:Both Lister or Premier work about the same.
Question:Where can I find Purina Honor Show Chow Impulse goat feed in Arizona?
Answer:Check with your local purina dealer
Question:Is it 50-50 chance when you do AI with goat?
Answer:I am not sure. Need to check with the clinic that is performing the AI work.
Question:Is it different when you clip a doe for a breeder division to showmanship or market devision?
Answer:Most of the time. Refer to the rules of the show.
Question:My doe her lungs sound raspy when she exhales and when I listen to her heart it is beating very fast even when I let her calm down from catching her and she is very skinny compared to my other doe but she tends to eat more than my other doe any help would be great thanks
Answer:See the vet
Question:What do you recommend to feed my goat the day before the show. He is sunken in around the loin. I am feeding him alfalfa but If like to know any more tips. Thanks so much
Answer:A balanced goat feed.
Question:How much do you feed weathers and how many times a day do they get fed?
Answer:We feed 2 times per day. Full feed is about 4% of their bodyweight. I recommend feeding 3 times a day if you can.
Question:What is the best way to fill out a goats loin?
Answer:Proper nutrition and exercise. Extra fat will add some width and smoothness. I add fat to our goat feed daily. I use Honor show chow power fuel. See the honor show chow website for details on feeding goats.
Question:This is my first year showing goats is it different showing meat goats to milk goats cause everything i find is milk goat is it different in different states or is it the same is there a certain pattern or way thanks.
Answer:Definitely different. Go to utube and search showing market goats versus milk goats.
Question:Is there a way to get your goat fuller in his ribs, and to stop them from sinking in around the rear
Answer:Feed and water
Question:Is there any specifics on how to keep more control when walking?
Question:I came across purina honor show chow goat feed is this a good product?
Answer:yes- what I feed and recommend
Question:How do you shear/fit a doe for breeding class?(boer)
Answer:You clip them like cattle. Takes a lot of practice and expertise. I would ask for help from someone that knows how to do it.
Question:my show doe she keeps turning her head to the side when i walk her but when i stack her it\'s no problem i need to know how to correct it
Answer:More control of her head when walking.
Question:How do I add more shape to the top line?
Answer:Proper nutrition and exercise.
Question:Drenching goats? I\'ve had some great reviews on gold dust... however, I\'m not sure how you do it. If anyone uses it can you give me some advice? Or if you use a different drench. I know a lot of people have homemade drenches. Thanks!
Answer:I have never used gold dust. We are going to try top secret this next week for our goat. There website is under final secret. Gold dust had drenching directions on their website. In previous years, we have used show shake and several home made drenches. Show shake worked well for me in the past. As with all additives, try it several weeks ahead of time to make sure it does not make them sick. After that, you can start with the manufacturers recommendation on how to use it and adjust to fit your animals needs.
Question:what do mixing wheat germ oil with your feed do for a goat?
Answer:Here is a paragraph I found on line "In addition to providing energy, wheat germ oil is believed to provide beneficial advantages due to availability of octacosanol - These advantages may include better blood oxygen carrying capacity leading to more oxygenation of body tissues, better endurance, more stamina, and better muscle condition and strength.efits of feeding wheat germ oil to animals."
Question:Are there any market shows that allow doelings to be shown against wethers? I know other species allow this, but have never seen it at a goat show in our area.
Answer:Most Texas county shows allow doe kids to be shown in the market classes against the wethers. The majors do not. Just need to check on the rules for each show.
Question:what kind of collar should i show my show doe?
Answer:I like to use a thin chain. Simply search "show goat chains" to see pics.
Question:I exercise my goats properly and add powerfuel to their diet and they don\'t seem to gain muscle. What else can I do??
Answer:Powerfuel is a fat additive. For muscle, you typically add a protein supplement (HSC top dress) and exercise. Remember, your goat only has his potential for muscle based on the genetics of the parents.
Question:what is better to feed champion drive or fitter 35
Answer:They are close in analysis. CD- 32-5-6 and Fitter is 35-2.5-7 Both will add muscle by increasing protein if feed, both will burn fat.
Question:i need to put at lest 5lb. on a market goat in one week. HELP!!
Answer:The fastest gain is through water. You can drench with a quart to gain 2 lbs. Other than that, goats are not fast gainers. Typical gain is about 1/3 of a pound a day or about 10 lbs per month. Full feed and full water.
Question:We have a wether that needs a top on him. Is there any supplment out there that is the best to put one on.
Answer:Muscle comes from genetics, exercise and proper diet. If you are exercising and feeding properly and he still does not have very much top, probably just not going to get it. If he has the genetic potential for a thick top, then you need to create his genetic potential with proper feed management and exercise. There are not additives that can create a miracle top. When I want to increase muscle, I usually will add a protein supplement, but this takes time and is not going to create any more muscle than the goat had the potential to build.
Question:Will feeding my show goats high octane help them fill out more? Do you prefer high octane?
Answer:There are two High Octane products. Powerfuel and Top dress. Powerfuel is a fat additive and Top dress is a protein additive. You can search Honor Show Chows website for goat feeding strategies to see how they recommend you feed it. We use the Powerfuel.
Question:Dis budding your show goat... Is it personal preference?
Answer:Not really. Most disbud show wethers and leave the horns on does. It is easier to work the does later on if they have horns and if in the pasture, they need them for protection. Billy's are usually left with their horns as well.
Question:I had the question about my goat losing the weight fast, my goat is going show at the PA farmsHOW JANUARY 9th. The cutoff weight is 120 and that\'s what my goat weighs today. What can I do?
Answer:You need to minimize feed to stop gain. Feed 1 1/2% of his body weight in feed ( .015 x 100 = 1.5 lbs per day) and exercise. The day before you weigh in for the show, you can cut him off feed and water for 24 hours to lose between 3-5%. As soon as you weigh in, feed 1/4 lb of feed and 8 ounces of water. Continue to feed and water this amount every two hours for at least 3 feedings.
Question:what can i do to make my show weather lose 10 -12 lbs.
Answer:The fastest way to take off weight is water. You can take the goat off of feed and water for 24 hours. After, you can limit water to 2% of their body weight- feed 1% of bodyweight. That means if they weigh 100 lbs x .02= 2 lbs per day of water. Spread it out over the day. 8 ounces each time. I do not know what the goat weighs, but 10 lbs is a lot to take off fast. The most I would pull over a short period of time is about 5% of their body weight.
Question:What kind of exercise do goats need to build muscle?
Answer:Any is good. I always tell people to think about building an athlete. Set up and exercise program with proper nutrition and get started. It does not happen over night. Takes weeks- months.
Question:When do you need to drench a goat and what do yo drench them with? I noticed several people drenching there goats at the show.
Answer:A drench is a liquid meal substitution. Instead of feeding the feed, they are trying to reduce the size of the rumen by taking them off of feed and using a liquid source of food. Some drenches are vitamins and electrolytes. Used to replenish these nutrients when you limit feed or cause stress. People that use drenches usually start the goats on a drench 3-4 days prior to the show and continue through the show. Make sure that if you are going to try and use a drench, design a feeding schedule weeks before the show and try it out on a weekend to make sure you get the results that you seek.
Question:My goat looks as if he hasn\'t filled into his skeleton like he needs more around the shoulders. When he walks you can see his shoulder blades a lot but he already weighs a lot. What feed or supplement should we use to help him fill out?
Answer:Higher protein and exercise. Remember- an animal only has the potential to develop muscle based on his genetics. I would increase the feed to 16-18% protein and develop an exercise program. I like Honor show chow top dress for a protein supplement. Visit the Honor show chow website for feeding strategies for goats needing more muscle.
Question:We showed 2 goats this past weekend. Both were about middle of their class. Judge said one was great in shoulder while it needed more in the back end, the other goat had good back end but needed more in the shoulder. Together they make a nice goat! We have access to both a track and a treadmill. How do we best exercise each goat to build on their respective issues. Thanks.
Answer:Trial and error. I like to get them a little fat prior to starting the exercise program. If not, they will burn off the fat needed for the smooth appearance in the ring. I would start one or the other methods- 3 days per week. Keep weighing once a week to make sure they are not losing weight and increase the feed- both fat content and protein. You are trying to create an athlete. Do the same thing that you would for yourself.
Question:My show goat needs to put on some pounds so I need a 12-14% protein and 5-6% fat feed from a respected feed company. Any ideas?
Answer:I like Honor show chow impulse.
Question:I have a goat that is a chronic bloater. Do you have a recommendation for a feed supplement I can give it?
Answer:I keep "therabloat" in the barn to treat when one bloats. As far as a daily treatment, I would check with your vet.
Question:what is the best feed for my Beor show buck ? 45 days before showing . I want him just as wide and big as I can get him. What\'s the best feed ? Or mixture of feed ?
Answer:I use Honor Show Chow Impluse
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