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Question:And I need an answer ASAP thank you
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:What type of hay should I feed my meat goats grass hay? Indeed help big time
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My goat keeps choking on a normal metal chain collar even when I don\'t pull hard at all. I was wondering if a plastic wide linked collar would work better. Or if you know of any other solutions to my issue that would be great too.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I have been looking for a plastic linked collar for my goat and haven\'t been able to find it anywhere close. I was wondering if I could just get some at Lowes and then connect it to make a collar?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:how do i make my show goat look better?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Can a show drench help get a harder handle on a market goat or is it all in the supplyments? Our last few goats has handled a little soft, I\'m wondering if it\'s our egg drench, maybe we need to try a new drench? I do use champion drive, fitter 35, and power fuel. Thanks
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How old do you get ur show goat
Answer:Check the rules for your show on ages and weight limits. Most show market goats at 7-10 months of age.
Question:Our market goat is too heavy what van we do?
Answer:Limit feed to 1 1/2% of body weight and exercise.
Question:I have two boer show goats and I was wondering is it normal for the doe to be fighting with me more then my weathered does? for the past two years I have only had weathereds and they haven\'t fought me as much as this doe has.
Answer:not sure- guess they need to get used to you.
Question:how old do the breeding goats have to be?
Answer:Check the rules of the show to see what ages they have classes for.
Question:I am trying to get my goat to drive and he just backs up and he also won\'t walk on a chain he just gags the whole time and won\'t move. Do you have any suggestions or links that would help ???
Answer:I get this question often. We halter break first by tying the goats halter to a bungee cord that hangs from the roof. Head level, but not too high. He will fight for the first few days, but eventually stand still. DO NOT LEAVE HIM ALONE. After he is halter broken, we put a chain on him and clip him to the fence so he learns to stand still on the chain. NExt we walk him with a halter away from the barn. Stand beside or behind and let him lead. Slightly pull tail or ear to make him go forward. He will walk better headed back to the barn. When we get through walking, we put him on a trimming stand and brush his hair. This gets him use to standing on the trimming table and hands on brushing settles him down. The key is repetition. Every day until he walks without issue.
Question:I am about 2 1/2 months till my school show and my ag teacher told me my goat needs more substance because he is fat with not a lotta muscling or fill to him. He is currently on purina impulse and weighs 77 lbs. Do you have any suggestions on additives to fill him out and give him more muscling??
Answer:Search Honor Show Chow goat feeding strategies. They have different feeding strategies that fit your situation. Next year, might want to get a goat that has more natural muscle.
Question:i have 2 yrs old female goat. i cross them twice but she cant get pregnant...what should i do please advise me some medicine to get pregnant.
Answer:They have certain meds that are used to assist with ovulation. Discuss with your local veterinarian for assistance.
Question:Where do you recommend buying market goats from in California? I\'m having trouble finding a top breader.
Answer:I do not have any connections in California. In Texas, we have a junior show goat circuit with a magazine that the breeders advertise in. Try searching for California show goats on the internet.
Question:My goat continues to bite me and rear up when I work with him. What should I do?? Thanks!
Answer:Get a little meaner than the goat. Some type of negative action each time he bites or jumps up. I would control his head so he cannot bite and a light slap if he does. Do not let him rear up. Force him to stay on the ground each time he starts to jump up. Common sense solutions.
Question:Hi, my goat leads great on the halter but won\'t budge with the chain. I have been working with him everyday multiple times and have tried just a regular collar and even have tried using the chain and halter together. Our show is in three weeks and any advice you have would be great. Thanks!
Answer:First of all, if you are just now training to show with a chain and your show is in three weeks, it is your fault. We have a goat on feed for a show in January 2015 and he already leads well. We have a three part process. Catch the goat, halter, tie the end of the halter to a bungee cord hanging from above- let him stand until he stands still, next- lead him away from the barn, lead back to the barn, put him on a trimming table or rack and brush hair. We do this daily. The first 2-3 days, he fights the halter, eventually, he walked with halter. We do not pull him with the halter, we walk beside or behind and let him lead. Lightly pull tail or ear to make him go. After he learns to lead with a halter, we switch to the chain. We clip his chain to the fence and let him stand, then follow the rest of the procedure. It takes time and repetition. We use a light plastic chain that has plenty of play so we can pull with the chain under the jaw and not in the throat.
Question:Are yearling does showed the same as wethers? Drench, clip, fit, brace ECT?
Answer:Showing- same with a chain, but do not drive. Stand off the head and control with the chain. Fitting is different. They are blocked like show cattle. Clip some parts shorter than others. You want breeding does to be full, so no need to pull feed or minimize fill with a drench. Search utube for showing breeding does
Question:I\'ve shown market goats for three years now and I\'ve made it into championship drive two times. All the goats that win grandchampion are really, really mussely and stalky. How do I get my future goats to look like that?
Answer:Find a goat that fits that description. It is genetics. A winning program= a great goat, a great feeding/ management program and perfect showmanship.
Question:What fat additive would you recommend getting?
Answer:I use Honor Show Chow Power fuel. It is around 31 % fat, but has other nutritional ingredients that promote a healthy goat. Search Purina feeding strategies for goats for more info.
Question:I have a 5 month old goat that has no muscle mass and looks really shabby. she is a twin, but her sister looks great they eat the same amount of food. her hair isn\'t shiny or smooth either. I have about a month until the show. what do I do to put weight and muscle on her. also how do get her hair smooth and shine?
Answer:I would take a stool sample to the vet and make sure there are not internal parasites. Manage the hair the same way you manage your hair. Wash, conditioner. Keep it clean and brush. Separate the goat and feed 4-5 times per day the amount of feed he will clean up in 30 minutes. Use a high quality show goat feed. (I like honor impulse).
Answer:A quality show goat feed the is complete (meets daily requirements for Protein, fat and fiber- it tells you on the feed tag) Feed 4-5 times per day the amount that they will clean up in 30 minutes. I like honor impulse.
Question:Hi, I have a couple show whethers that are going to be shown in about 50 days. We are feeding HSC Impulse and excersizing them every other night and giving them a handful of hay once a day. But they aren\'t putting hardly any weight on, are very sunk in, and have very little muscle. Are there any additives or suggestions on what to do or give them?
Answer:Additives may help. If you are exercising a lot, you have to increase their nutrition. Full feed is around 4 % of their body weight. With full exercise like you are doing, they may need more feed. I also recommend splitting up the feed into at least 3 feedings per day. You can add a fat additive to give the extra energy they need to gain a little fat. Go to to see HCS feeding strategies.
Question:Whot do i feed boer goats
Answer:Any recommended show goat feed. I like Honor Show Chow Impulse
Question:Can you mix high octane power fuel And high octane champion drive for market weathers to get the fat and protien
Answer:Yes- go to for feeding strategies on goats- HSC or just search Honor show chow goat feeding strategies.
Question:I am new at showing goats, and I was wondering, what do I do if I can\'t lift up my goats head to brace it?
Answer:When you brace goats, the head and neck have to be up and extended out of the shoulder, so you have to pull up on the head some. Problem occurs when you pull too hard are keep pulling pressure on the head. After the goat learns to brace, the typically hold their head up.
Question:My boer goat got stung by a bee we squeezed the puss out put perioxide now there\'s a hole how will it heal?
Answer:The body heals itself in most cases. Keep a antiseptic ointment on it and it should close.
Question:How many pounds of an 18% developer feed will it take to make 1 pound gain on a under-conditioned doe?
Answer:Goat conversion is about 10 lbs of feed to a lb of gain.
Question:Trying to build some more muscle on market wethers. Only have about a month before the show. I\'m feeding grain and show bloom daily. Can I feed them anything else to gain more muscle?
Answer:Protein is the source for building muscle. Your ration should be 16-18% protein. I do not recommend going higher than 20%. Add exercise
Question:my goat weighs 83 pounds and we are 104 days from show time. Should I start trying to hold him now? If so what percent of his weight should I feed? He could win a show today but I\'m concerned what he will look like in 104 days.
Answer:Hard to answer w/o seeing your goat. I do not like to hold them back. They need to reach their genetic ability to be their best. 104 lbs does not bother me at all. If you want to decrease the gain- feed 2% of his body weight in feed daily. Full feed is around 3.5-4% 83 x .02- 1.66 lbs of feed daily for 2%
Question:This question is about our market show wethers for our school show. They were picked from a lottery draw, and it\'s pretty much trying to turn a commercial goat into a show goat in 5 months. We try to pick the best structured, with the most potential that we can. We\'ve had them a month, they were under weight, they\'ve put on some weight, but need more. They also need more rib and rack, and need to build muscle. They weigh about 55 & 65lbs right now, theres no weight limit. We\'re about 4 months out, so in order to get the most that I can out of these guys what honor supplyments would work best? I\'ve used several in the past, but I feel like I\'m still learning how to use them. I\'m also curious how depth charge works, is it better to feed early or as a finisher or all the way through? If it helps we do run our goats on a track with a dog. And we are feeding a high protein high fat show feed, with added barley and calf manna
Answer:go to To find HSC feeding strategies for goats
Question:I want a little bit more muscle on my goat. I have been running him everyday but that\'s only helping a little.
Answer:Natural muscle in hereditary. You can enhance the muscle, but you cannot create more than the goat has the genetic potential to build. Protein builds muscle, so make sure you are feeding a diet with at least 16 percent protein. You can increase to 18 percent if needed by adding a protein supplement. I like Honor Show Chow Top dress.
Question:Is there any way to build loin/rack on a goat?
Answer:Exercise and proper diet. Same as humans. The rack is hard to isolate as far as an exercise. Short, quick running may help. The muscle potential is hereditary. They may not ever get real thick if the parents do not have it.
Question:I recently went to a show and the judge told me that my 6 month old doe needed more \" rack\". I was wondering how one builds it up?
Answer:Proper nutrition and exercise.
Question:My show wethers have a little bit of a belly, how could I make this go down? All I feed is a half pound of Show Rite feed. Also what is a good way to build muscle on a wether? They run a mile everyday... So what is a a better exercise that will build muscle?
Answer:Long distance running does not build muscle. How many long distance runners have you seen that are muscular. Most are thin. Create a workout program like a bodybuilder would do. Short, fast cardio and weight lifting. Add proper diet and clean water. One way to "lift weights" is to attach a dog harness and attach a chain with a 5 lb weight under the center of the chest. Let them pull weights. Running needs to be short, fast and intense. The belly (rumen) could be extended from too much to eat, too much water or just genetically made that way.
Question:Should boer show goats be raised in a stall or pen?
Answer:We keep our show wethers in pens. Our pens are 6 feet wide and 24 feet long. You want to monitor a show goat more closely than pasture goats. Keeping them in a pen allows quick access to work with them daily and keep track of their feed consumption.
Question:is there anything you can do to improve a goat that breaks behind the shoulder?
Answer:Not really. I would not purchase any show goat that has any type of structure issue. This is one of the worst ones and cannot be corrected.
Question:I purchased a nanny boer goat a couple of years ago to help me keep a large yard mowed down. I would like to breed her to have another goat or two. I have found a person who may be willing to breed her with his billy. What would be a fair price for this breeding service. He also mentioned that if she had twins, he might be willing to take one of them as payment for breeding. Would this be a good deal?
Answer:Strictly up to you. I would negotiate a cash deal and keep any offspring that are born. I would also want a guarantee that the doe is bred prior to paying for breeding service.
Question:what would you recommend for a goat to be walk on concrete,gravel, or in a pasture?
Answer:It does it matter any more than what you walk on.
Question:how big should a goats pen be?
Answer:minimum 6 x 20 feet with cover.
Question:I\'m fairly new to the industry major question and was wondering how to build muscle on DOES and BUCKS?? Everybody seems to be using treadmills or tracks, but I don\'t have those, I have a chariot. I\'m wondering how I should design their exercise program like how long they should be exercised and how much (everyday, every other day, etc.) and if I\'m doing the right thing by using the chariot.
Answer:A chariot works OK. Each goat is different. I like to start around 90 days out from the show. Exercise 3-4 times per week. Start out slow and increase. (just like you would if you were building a workout program for yourself) We built our chariots that allowed us to reverse the hitch and head pieces so we could walk the goats with all four feet on the ground and then we rigged up a weight on a dog harness so they could pull weights- 5-10 lbs. Works great.
Question:Do you feed any kind of hay to a show goat for market class
Answer:I usually give a handful of alfalfa once a day. Look at the feed tag on the bag of feed you are using to make sure it is a complete feed. If the fiber is low- the tag will tell you to feed supplemental hay. If the fiber is 15-18%- you do not need any extra hay. I always added a little regardless because the like it and it seems to keep them on feed. I would never offer full hay to a market goat because it will overfill the rumen and then they will have a big belly that is hard to reduce.
Question:Looking for finish for my wether... I have heard about the egg drench but I dont know what all it consists of and when/how to use it...
Answer:IF you want finish, you need a fat additive. There are a lot of them on the market from those that are feed crumbles- usually around 30% fat and the liquids that go up to 90% fat. Obviously, the higher the percent of fat in the product, the less you have to feed and the quicker it works. I start all of my goats on Honor Show Chow power fuel-31% fat plus other additives that enhance a variety of positive things. Search it on the web for more info. I keep them on it throughout the feeding period to maintain extra finish. The egg drench is an old one that folks used to use like a liquid feed source. I have used it in the past, but do not recommend. It has a tendency to bloat one and it is a pain to keep it cold.
Question: We show the same goats at many prospect shows throughout the season before hitting the majors,we try to keep the goats fresh and show ready throughout the feeding program. I have read to start exercise 45 days out from the show,that said at what age is it okay to an start exercise program?
Answer:Depends on your goals and the goat. You show at prospects, they need to be athletes to succeed. Not sure if you have a different set for prospects versus majors or if they are the same goats. If they are the same, I would get them a little fat and start an exercise program early and only prospect the ones that are fresh and ready to show. The 45 day rule is just a generic plan for the average county show exhibitor.
Question:We are fairly new to raising boer goats and are being to show them. What do you suggest feeding your show does? We also recently acquired a 2-1/2 yr old buck he has been shown some. What do you suggest feeding him to maintain his muscling?
Answer:I use honor show chow impulse.
Question:What is the best way to put weight and muscle on your show goats?
Answer:Feed them a high quality goat feed. I like Honor show chow impulse
Question:Why would you say that honors show chow is the best goat feed? My question is, so far in 2014, how many champions are there that were fed honors show chow. I understand it\'s everyone\'s belief what feed is better than the next. I can honestly say jacobys feed is much better than honors. I can also say as of 2014, jacoby has supplied feed to 170 champions so far this year. My opinion is jacoby feed is the best on the market. To many major winners use jacoby not to agree!
Answer:All major feed brands have a goat feed formulated for show goats. I always want to make sure that the feed is researched based and that it is a complete feed. (supplies everything they need). I personally like HSC, but agree there are several very good feed choices. I always suggest that feeders find a feed dealer that they like doing business with and develop a relation ship with them. No doubt Jacoby is a good feed. I do know that Madison FFA chapter in SA did a comparison between Jacoby and HCS. They took blood samples on goats being fed both feeds. The Teacher in charge of the goats told me that all of the goats on Jacoby had low iron levels in their blood as compared to HSC. You can give me a call if you would like his contact info. Finally, if you like Jacoby- feed Jacoby. I like HSC.
Question:What do judges look for in breeding boer goat does? Ive heard feminine a lot my does are too muscular. how do i fix it? what does it look like? will the become more feminine after kidding?
Answer:Priorities change when judging market versus breeding. The primary factors in breeding are structure and volume. Femininity means female characteristics. More refined head and neck. If you goats are too muscular, they may be more masculine to the judge. Kidding is not going to change their physical appearance to a high degree, but will change it some.
Question:After 13 years of showing goats, I have run out of children at home to show them. I wanted to thank you for your advise you have given me through the years. I often check this site for the good advise you give to people. After 13 years of showing goats, I never really figured out everything except it takes good genetics, good feed, an exercise program, lots of hands on time with the goats and a little luck!
Answer:You learned everything their is to know. You know the "secret formula" for success. Sorry to hear that your children have finished. I am sure there are a lot of new comers that could use some help. Good luck.
Question:My goat loos good through his shoulders but it\'s two days before we show him and his sides sunk in. What could we give him to possibly fill him out a little?
Answer:a little alfalfa hay may help fill up his rumen.
Question:I have goats that have sour mouth. Do the bumps remain even after the virus is gone?
Answer:I am not sure. Treat with iodine and isolate them from the rest of the herd.
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