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Question:You don\'t brace doe goats when you show them. Right?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How do I treat scours/dierreah in a goat???
Answer:You can buy scour meds at the feed store or from the vet. Take them off of feed and feed hay.
Question:A couple of months ago we sold our wether to some people and a few months later they brought him back, no he is skinny as a rail. My kids want to show him but we can\'t get any weight back on him what is a natural ingredient that will fat him up??
Answer:buttermilk, dyne, milk replacer are a few high fat additives that I use
Question:2 of my goats have great racks but start to lack definition toward the loin, I run the, pretty regularly with a chariot, what can I do to help get that definition in the loin?
Answer:most of muscle tone is genetics. Sounds like you are on the right track. Might increase the fat in the feed to smooth out the top.
Question:when bracing my goat he won\'t push agenst me I\'ve tried pushing him into water , or pushing him off the table ,and pushing him into a fence
Answer:My guess is that you are not handling his head and body correctly. Driving is with the legs with hands controlling the head. Find someone in your area that knows how to drive and seek advise.
Question:How do i get rid of ringworm???
Answer:Seek advice from your vet
Question:when I go to look at a breeding buck what should I usually look for? also what should I be feeding a breeding Boer buck?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide under selection
Question:When I go to look at market weathers they are usually 45-55lbs and are very hairy which is sometimes hard to tell what they actually look like. Can you tell me what you should look for in a market wether
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide.
Question:For breeding does that you would show should you feed them something with good protein and good nutrition or does it matter about the feed?
Answer:Yes- a high quality show feed. I like Honor show chow
Question:What\'s your opinion on Purina show goat feed?
Answer:I feed honor impulse to our show goats.
Question:what supplement should i fed my goat to gain muscle?
Answer:You can add a protein supplement for muscle gain. I like Honor show chow High octane champion drive top dress
Question:how do you know how much to feed im feeding impulse my show is in January
Answer:Depends on weight of goat, how much he needs to gain, etc. A good rule is to feed 3.5% of their body weight per day. weight x .035 = eed
Question:Would I want to show honor show chow impulse throughout the whole time I get the goat
Question:We have a show goat that had a horrendous case of tapeworm. The worm is gone but getting weight on him as been difficult. We are at the point that we know he won\'t make auction but we need to get a few pounds on him to just make show so my child can get credit. He will only eat cooked barley and we mix a little steer fattener feed into it. Anything else we can give him to put any fat on him?
Answer:Not that I can think of. Sounds like the fat content is pretty high. Need to try to get his rumen working correctly. I would discuss with the vet to see what they recommend. Usually letting the be as natural as they can be is a good start. Might want to put them on pasture with the supplemental feeding
Question:I don\'t know what to feed my boer market goats! What do yall recommend?
Answer:I like honor show chow impulse
Question:I have 2 baby goats right now. I\'ve had then for about 2 weeks and one of them hasn\'t eaten since we got him. The other one is starting to not clean up what I\'m giving him. I wormed them both last week and it didn\'t seam to help. They are on the feed that the breeder had them on when we bought them. I\'ve tried switching feeds and giving them a handful of hay, it isn\'t helping. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Answer:Sounds like their digestive system isn't handling the feed. You say baby goats, but not sure how old. Weaned or not weaned? If real young- I would have them on milk replacer. Maybe add to the feed. I would purchase a probiotic for goats at the feed store and start them on it to add bacteria to the system. You said you have tried different feeds, I would keep trying others. Last-consult your vet.
Question:How often should I be giving wormer shots?
Answer:Some deworm every month. I believe in taking a stool sample to the vet and seeing if they have worms. If not, no need to deworm. If so, then you know what type of dewormer to use.
Question:what to give our show goats to make them eat better to gain weight. We are feeding a 16% - 18% feed.
Answer:I feed honor show chow impulse and add a teaspoon of yeast to their feed. To add fat, we add wheat germ oil to the feed. HSC power fuel is also a good fat additive.
Question:Do you give a show weather free pasture or limited? Or is it better to lock him up?
Answer:Our show wethers are all in pens. No pasture.
Question:do you know any supplements that will make a goats loin and rack pop.
Answer:You might add a fat supplement to add fat to the loin and top to make it appear thicker and fuller. The amount of rack and loin are genetic. Buy a goat that has the genetic potential to have a big rack and loin, then proper feed and exercise.
Question:What is a good feed or protein percentage for show weathers? Also the people at our fair who win every year don\'t give their weathers any hay? I thought that they needed dry foliage.
Answer:We feed honor show chow impulse. Most goat feeds are between 15-16% protein. If it is a complete feed, it will tell you on the feed tag that you do not need extra hay. If it is not a complete feed, it will tell you to add hay. Go to the home page and read the "goat guide"- nutrition.
Question:Is one minute sprints, thirty times a day a good exercise for a weather to build muscle? Also, what kind of exercises are best to build back and rump muscles. What about jumping?
Answer:Any type of exercise is good. 30 sprints sounds like a good plan. I do not endorse "jumping" over obstacles due to chance of injury.
Question:My wethers always seem to have sunken in sides. How can I fix this?
Answer:Not sure what you are feeding. May want to feed a little more and add some alfalfa hay.
Question:I have a wether who is constantly bloated, I only feed him alfalfa once a week, what can I do to help him?
Answer:I would try changing feeds. Something is wrong in his digestive tract. If it continues, check with your vet.
Question:Why do you trim a goat kids tail with the little squared off tuft at the end?
Answer:You want to establish the profile lines of the goat from head to tail. I trim the tail down to a small twist of hair and cut the end at a 45 degree angle from bottom to top. When the goat is on profile and has his tail extended, it gives a look of extra length. DO NOT leave a poodle ball on the end of the tail.
Question:how do you make a goat keep its legs squared and how do you make a goat move when he wont
Answer:Repetition, repetition. We set them up on a table, one person drives the goat the other sets the legs. Over and over until they start to stand still. From there, start teaching the same thing on the ground.
Question:Wats the best stuff to keep your goat looking fresh at shows
Answer:Feed, water, clean hair coat.
Question:Someone advised me to feed my goat a handful of sugar a day to get a real good hard feeling. Any thoughts?
Answer:???- What is the reasoning behind it? Sugar is a carbohydrate. I have never heard this or seen any proof that it works. If you want to get them hard handling, build muscle and have less fat. Higher protein feed and more exercise.
Question:My goat is nice and big in his front but towards his back (when your\'e looking over top of him) he sucks in. I\'m feeding him good show feed, alfalfa pellets and even an overall supplement and I just can\'t get him to fill out in the back and my show is in a month!
Answer:Each goat has a certain genetic potential to gain muscle. A good feeding program, management, exercise and showmanship wins. I cant really answer this question without seeing the goat.Seek advice from someone in your area that is knowledgeable with goats.
Question:How do you get rid of scurs? My one wether has one on his left side about an inch long . I heard you can cut them with hoof trimmers but I don\'t want it to bleed or possibly get infected. I also heard about filing it down? Any suggestions on how I should go about it?
Answer:Either way will work. I usually clip them off with a hoof trimmer. they will bleed. You can put blood stopper on the horn when bleeding or using a hot iron to burn the bleeders shut. It is a tough job. you will need a good table to secure the goat and someone to assist. If you have doubts, I would use a vet.
Question:What is the best way to get a stubborn goat to walk and brace? I\'ve been working with him for almost two months now and am starting to get a bit fed up. Also, are there any tricks to get a market goat for the county fair to grow faster. He\'s not growing at the rate I\'d like him to in order for him to be competitive.
Answer:Walking- we tie the goats to an open area under the barn- bungee cord hanging down and hooked up to the chain. Head up, but not straining. Daily until the are chain broken. We then work the goats in the pen by leading. One person leading with the chain, the other, tapping legs to get them going. To teach them to drive, we put them on an elevated table. One person drives while the other places the legs. Repetition is the key. As far as fast gain, clean water, clean pen, good feed and a little exercise to promote the appetite.
Question:Hey, I was just wondering how yall work yalls goats! I just walk them and I need ideas and I\'m curious of what yall do to work them! Ideas?
Answer:See the above answer.
Question:I have a wether that ruMen sticks out on the side and is kind Of large at the bottom. We are creep feeding right now and walks him daily. Do you how we can change his appearance.
Answer:Yes. Go to the home page and read the goat guide.
Question:I have a wether that ruMen sticks out on the side and is kind Of large at the bottom. We are creep feeding right now and walks him daily. Do you how we can change his appearance.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I have a goat that I am showing in three weeks just at a county show. She will she shown as market and has a little extra condition on her. I have her on champion drive and spelt grain to hold her. She gets ran on a track. Is there anyway to get some condition off of her? Thanks
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:we a goat who is going to show 3 months. he looks great but he weighs 90 lbs and cut off is 115. he is a big framed goat and wide and think. we feed show chow and champion drive. what else can I do to hold him so he don\'t get over weight but still fill in? he is very active goat and burns lots of fat, we have had a hard time putting fat on him.
Answer:I would start weighing once a week- same time of day, same feeding conditions and record the weight. After you get an accurate daily gain, I would project the weight based on the time left if I continue the way you currently are feeding. If he is going to be too heavy, you will have to cut the feed back. Go to honor show chow goat feeding strategies for recs on holding goats.
Question:I have two weaned doe\'s that are a couple days apart one is filling out nicely looking great the other one is kinda skinny and sunk in I feed them together I watch them they both get there share of feed what can I do for the second one so she looks like the first one?
Answer:Separate and give her all she wants to eat. De-worm
Question:We have a wether that refuses feed. We\'ve tried pellets, textured. We\'ve added molasses. We\'ve tried goat, lamb and even cattle feeds. I\'ve seen it go days refusing feed until we let it out to graze and it inhaled the grass. It will eat alfalfa hay, just not feed. How can we get weight on an animal that refuses feed? Suggestions would be helpful.
Answer:I would sell the goat and try different genetics.
Question:our show goat has severe diarrhea the Ag teacher thinks is related to an ingredient in the show feed. We\'ve treated it for bacteria, parasites, coccidiosis, and worms. It\'s had all the routine show immunizations. We\'ve stopped the show feed, have been giving it probiotics, electrolytes and the Ag teacher has had us give buttermilk daily to help its stomach. We\'ve been battling this for about 5 days and there are no large animal vets in our area. The diarrhea shows no sign of slowing down but the goat is eating, grazing, drinking and urinating. Short of driving it 100 miles to the nearest livestock vet, is there anything else we can try?
Answer:Sounds like you have tried just about everything else. Head to the vet. (might just call and ask for their advise first)
Question:How do I keep my doe from continuing to raise her front legs in the air while trying to walk her?
Answer:Keep walking. It takes a lot of time to train them. She will eventually stop.
Question:Hi, I am new to boer goats and I have a really big wether. He is really nice to look at but I need to get him to finish faster for our 4H showmanship and quality competitions. Do you know what I could or should do? Thanks
Answer:Add a fat additive to the feed. I use honor power fuel. Go to the honor show chow website for goat feeding strategies.
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